Better Sex By Just Doing This!


A recent study suggests that people who are comfortable talking about sex are more sexually satisfied, especially if they talk during the act itself. So your sexy whispers under the sheets are doing you good! Let it be known that sexual communication can be both verbal and non-verbal too… so there are several ways to communicate with your lover while doing the wild thing.

Let him know what you want with these pointers in mind:

1. Employ Non-verbal Cues: Sometimes showing your lover what you want rather than stating it can be powerful. Remember that non-verbal communication during sex can be just as effective as verbal communication. Your body language speaks for itself.

2. Be Realistic: Be yourself and don’t pretend. Communicate with your man so you both can enjoy the sexual experience. You don’t need to pretend you are a porn star if you’re not feeling it.

3. Take Baby Steps: If you’re usually quiet during sex, take your time transitioning into sexual communication. You might find that as you increase your communication between the sheets, your sex life really takes a positive turn.

4. Give Out Compliments: Men love positive reinforcement. Tell your man what he is doing right and he will give you more. Make some noise and let him know how good you feel.


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