Clinton Cruising, Trump Slowed But Steady As Rubio Ends Dream.


Americans love super things, so much so that a fortnight after Super Tuesday we have had another one for good measure. Perhaps with the preponderance of sequels coming out of Hollywood in mind, the US media has declined to climb the comparative scale from super to super dooper, preferring the more modest nomenclature of Super Tuesday II.

It’s becoming more apparent that Hilary Clinton will win the Democratic ticket and vie for the United States’ Presidency against Donald Trump as the Republican candidate as the results of the Super Tuesday 11 indicates.

Clinton won the Democratic in Florida, Ohio, Illinois and North Carolina extending her lead over her rival Senator Bernie Sanders. Trump won in Illinois, North Carolina and inflicting a huge defeat on Senator Marco Rubio in his home state of Florida. This defeat has forced Mr. Rubio to end his presidential ambition. He had hinged his hope of resurgence in the Republican race on a victory in Florida. Of all the Rubio campaign’s miscalculations, the greatest was its expectation that Mr. Trump was no more than a fringe candidate who would crash and burn. Rubio aides believed Mr. Trump would fizzle, just as the insurgencies of Patrick J. Buchanan and Ron Paul had. Indeed, they worried that Mr. Trump would not survive long enough to bleed support away from Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, the rival they saw as Mr. Rubio’s biggest threat.

As Mr. Trump gained steam, Rubio aides took cheer: One by one, they predicted, trailing rivals would quit and endorse Mr. Rubio as the most palatable alternative to Mr. Trump. The billionaire however lost Ohio to John Kasich in Ohio. Kasich is the Republican Governor of Ohio. Mr Trump will need just over half of the hundreds of delegates remaining to win a majority in the Republican race and assure him of the nomination. Many in the Republican establishment don’t want Donald Trump. Some senior Republicans have said they would never support him, and on Tuesday it emerged that a group of leading conservatives are planning ways of stopping Mr Trump from winning the Republican nomination – including rallying around a third-party candidate.


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