Tell Me! Do I Deserve To Die?


Revealing The Essence of Life…………….

Readers!, really it is a thin line between life and death, I have always heard people saying this but I never give in to it, likewise when the Holy Scriptures said it is a sin to commit adultery and fornication which means death is the penalty for such abominable act. I counted it all to be gainsaying because if death is indeed the penalty, I would have died long ago, because sex escapades is indeed my hobby, as I rarely take my sinful eyes off anything in skirt, I really love them – women, old, young, beautiful and ugly, even young girls are not left out in my choice of selection, once they are sex appealing and attractive and have attained the age of ten (10). Then she is ripe to quench my sexual appetite once she has some little protruding dots on her chest. Call me a pedophile,  I don’t care.

Sorry, my names are Emeka John Ndubuisi, a native of Ihala Local Government Area of Anambra State. Due to my sexual prowess, my friends nicknamed me Emeka the Bomber, because I bomb anything in skirt without bating an eye. After the completion of my Secondary education and money was not forthcoming to further my education, my helpless parents asked me to go and stay with my uncle, Uncle Roland in Zamfara State.

Despite all the dangerous stories I was fed with about the Sharia-drunk state of Zamfara, I remained unshaken, I know my ways, I am a smooth operator, I know how to go about my calling to be successful in my ministry of adultery and fornication so that the ministry can move to permanent site. So, I boasted in my heart no shaking and nothing dey happen just like the soul crooner Tuface Idibia would always say, I indeed encouraged myself, there will always be a way even out of where seems to be no way at all.

I am a very randy and promiscuous being, my love for anything in skirt is beyond words. I had the gross indulgence in canal pleasure of almost all the girls in my school, to me it is great fun and any girl that proved to be hard to get, I strategically have canal knowledge of such girl by using Diaezepam pills for her and alas, she will fall prey like a pack of cards.

Every morning when my Uncle leaves for work, I encouraged myself just like a defeated champion who is not ready to give up and I moved around carrying out adventurous sightseeing to really see what stuff Zamfara State has in stuck, then I begin to notice some wonderful figures even right there in my own territory; and one day my uncle noticed my dangerous moves coupled with the many catastrophic games he heard I played back in the village.

Uncle Roland who has heard a lot of about my promiscuous dealings gave me a sound warning to zip up if I intended to live with him and make it in Zamfara, a state where the practice of Sharia is given total adherence. We live in a self contain that faces the street while our Landlord, Mr. Sam Bitrus Yohanna, a Plateau man lives in the main building in a four bedroom flat with his wife, Mrs. Rosemary, three sons and five daughters. There are other buildings that surround our compound one of which was owned by a retired Colonel Alhaji Abubakar  Maibindinga. I was told a lot of shocking stories about this Ahaji, one of which was how he killed a Calabar boy called Akpan who was caught in the act with his daughter, Zainab with his double barreled gun and nothing was done to him, according to the Sharia laws being practiced in the state, Akpan deserved to die.

My uncle leaves home around 6 o’ clock early in the morning everyday being a machine operator in a food processing company as he is expected to get to the office early enough to lubricate the machines before the commencement of work by 8 o’ clock. After a while, I set my snare to lure my prey and the first person to fall was Lilian, the daughter of our Landlord who came for English Lesson due to my previous boasting and over-exaggerated knowledge I told them I was having in the subject even though I was having a hidden agenda in mind. Gradually, I soothe talked her with my sugar coated tongue and she fell like an innocent child, talking about Lilian, she has this boisterous but good-natured shape, which makes her to look like a beauty queen. We began having an illicit love affair which became a routine, it seems she is enjoying it too just like myself.

It continued until one afternoon when my Uncle returned home early due to ill health. He opened the door with his key and he met Lilian and I nude, having sex and we did not even notice his entry because we were carried away in the land of ecstatic splendor. He was annoyed and he really talked some senses into my head and I promised him that I would change. Gradually, hours grew into days and days to weeks but Lilian never showed up, I tried all I could but there was no success. Finally, she gained admission to University of Maiduguri to study Business Administration, though she came to bid me farewell before she left in which we had canal knowledge of ourselves again, this time around, we were in for almost six hours enjoying ourselves. After she left, I targeted her younger sister, the last girl of the family who is the prettiest of all their girls. Lizzy as she was fondly called was just twelve years old, she proved hard to get but with the help of diazepam pills, I gained admittance. I discovered I was the first person to have canal knowledge of her, I begged her almost for five hours not to report me to her parents and Uncle Roland who I know would be very mad with me due to my last escapade with Lilian, Lizzy’s elder sister and she agreed as I bailed myself out with my only five thousand naira (N5,000).

Weeks later, as usual I was boasting again about my being a master in English language when the newly acquired wife of Colonel Alhaji Abubakar Maibindiga was passing by and she gave me a funny stare which my friends Sani and Abdul that were with me did not see. I systematically inquired who she was and they told me she is Hajia Maimuna, a JSS 2 student and the Alhaji’s new wife. Maimuna’s beauty was simply breathtaking, she was fair in complexion, with curly long hairs, bestridden legs and cute pointed nose that really complemented her well rounded face. She cannot be more than twelve years old but she looked every inch a matured girl.

I made passes at her and when one very cold night I told her that my Uncle would over stay at work longer than his normal closing hours, I was watching an adult movie when she came in with some English textbooks wearing a long robe without anything underneath. Few minutes later, there was a sudden serious bang on the door and the caller’s voice was ringing loudly “Maimuna! Maimuna! Maimuna!”. We were both sweating profusely with fear of what would happen if Alhaji is allowed in as my friends have already told me that “Maibindiga” his name, means “Owner of gun”.

The next thing I know is that I woke up in a hospital’s intensive care unit with agonizing pain from my amputated left leg, even as I am writing this story on my sick bed Police men are on serious alert watching over me because the Alhaji is still threatening to make sure he takes my life just like he killed Akpan, what have I gotten myself into now.

What do I do now? Please I need your urgent advice as I am a few meters away from death. Is this how I’m going to depart this world that is filled with bliss, without enjoying it to the fullest and fulfilling the purpose of my creation? Please, send me your response through ARM’s mailing box. Come to think of it, is what I have done so serious? Is it really uncalled for? After all, I am only expressing my inner joy, passionately following my instinct and zealously pursuing my hobby. Your advice is needed, tell me, do I deserve to die?

Michael F. Daramola, MFD, is a Lagos (Nigeria) based writer.


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    If this is your true life story, you might have simply fulfilled your calling; its a pity you didn`t put this out before your leg was amputated. so sorry

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