The Different Shapes Of A Normal Woman’s Nipple.


The breast is the most visible organ of the women’s body that vividly differentiates them from men. For some men, the breast of a woman usually triggers sexual attraction. The breast comes in different shapes and sizes, so does the nipples. It’s high time we crossed the final inside-the-brassiere-frontier to identified nipple shapes we have.

Seventeen Magazine interviewed Dr Tsippora Shainhouse, a clinical instructor at the University of California on the issue of nipple shape and the good doctor provided the magazine with a list of the most commonly found shapes, all of which are normal.

Any woman with a breast will probably fall into a single category but more than one is possible too, Dr Shainhouse says.

The 8 categories of nipples identified with their percentages are flat 27%, hairy 9%, protruding 32% , bumpy 11%, inverted 4%, puffy 11%, supernumerary 4% and unilateral inverted 2%.

Does your nipple fit into any of the identified categories? If your answer is in the affirmative, then your nipple is normal. If not, perhaps the shape of your nipple has not been identified yet.

The shape of the nipple could be altered with surgery.




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