What If Breakfast Was Not The Most Important Meal Of The Day?


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for two reasons: as part of a balanced diet, and to recharge the batteries of the body after a night’s sleep. Breakfast differs from one country to another, from one culture to another. If the Mediterranean countries prefer the sweet on waking, others like the Anglo-Saxon prefer a real salty meal.

So there is no real perfect breakfast. Breakfast is actually a recent concept, born during the 19th century, at least in our western societies. The workers drank wine in the morning to give themselves the courage to go to work. The bosses then decided to replace alcohol with coffee or other hot drinks to reduce the effects of alcohol. It was only a few years later that Mr. Kellog created his own brand of cereals (the famous cornflakes), prompting then, for a primarily mercantile purpose, to make the cereal bowl essential to the first meal of the day.

The English consider their “breakfast” as the most important meal, as this is the first meal they take with the family, they make it almost a ceremonial. In Spain, it is the lunch, which can last a long time since the meal break is longer than in France, for example. And besides, in France, it is often said that it is the evening meal since this is the time when you get out of work, when you come back from school, you can take the time and share a balanced meal with your family. The evening meal known as supper is perhaps the most important meal of the day in Nigeria and most African countries just like France as it allows the family to eat together after a long day at work or school.

If you skip breakfast? Not because breakfast is not necessarily the most important meal you have to go without. It is still part of a balanced diet. In fact, we note that people who prefer a healthy and balanced diet and who practice a sporting activity usually eat a breakfast. On the other hand, obese people have more trouble to have breakfast in the morning because they are not hungry at this time of the day and have stored too many oxides the day before.

Therefore, skipping breakfast in order lose weight is not the answer.


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