“7 Symbols Of Peace” Global Voting Campaign Launches On World Peace Day


A new global campaign to discover, choose and vote for the 7 Symbols of Peace launches on World Peace Day, 21 September 2017. The campaign is from the New7Wonders Foundation, the organisation that has successfully pioneered the first-ever worldwide elections to choose the New 7 Wonders, which have generated over 600 million votes.544208286,231ade1c6625e0e0c63 12572

Bernard Weber, initiator of the 7 Symbols of Peace campaign says “By participating in this campaign, people will make a small yet active contribution by being involved for world peace. Imagine what impact we will all together have when millions of world citizens do this!”. “The 7 Symbols of Peace is important because I believe this: the more we do together, the less time we have to fight each other.”

As with the New 7 Wonders, by participating in the 7 Symbols of Peace campaign people will create Global Memory, 7 things that everyone can and will remember in the future.

Voting for the 7 Symbols of Peace is online at


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