Cry For Justice: The Curious Case Of Toby Aimiyekagbon (The Damaged Child)


A Nigerian couple, Anthony and Mary Aimiyekagbon, are crying out for justice due to the permanent health damage inflicted upon their son, Toby, during childbirth at an Italian general hospital. The couple alleged that the hospital provided medical student practitioners instead of trained gynaecologist during the child birth process. They allege that the student practitioners botched the procedure leading to severe complications on the part of the child.

The family released a YouTube video to highlight their current predicament and also to sensitize Africans in the Diaspora and back home of their situation. They accused the hospital authorities of intimidation and harassment of their lawyer, including the use of the powerful mafia; the lawyer has since backed off from the mediation procedure as a result of these threats.

Please watch the video below


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