Usher’s Herpes Lawsuit Mounts


The number of lawsuit against multiple Grammy winner, Usher Raymond for spreading herpes is now on the increase as a man and two women also claim he exposed them to herpes after having sexual relations with them.

The lawsuit is set to be filed in California on Monday, according to their attorney Lisa Bloom. The three individuals alleges they contracted the STD from Usher during the past five years.

Usher is already been sued by a woman for $20m who alleges he hid that he had the STD when they had unprotected sex last year. At first the woman, only identified as “Jane Doe,” was seeking $10 million but she upped the amount in her lawsuit after having tested positive for herpes. The plaintiff maintained in her court papers that she never would have had sex with with Usher if she knew he had herpes.

It was only after she read that the musician had settled a $1.1 million lawsuit in 2012 with another woman Usher allegedly infected with the disease that she decided to file a lawsuit. That plaintiff is seeking damages for emotional distress, her medical bills, negligence and battery. She’s also looking for punitive damages. It’s unknown at this point how much the three new complainants will seek in their lawsuit.

According to Gossip Cop, the new female plaintiff as well as the male complainant will only be identified as “Jane Doe” and “John Doe” in the court papers. The second women, however, is expected go public with her accusations. While Usher was (and remains) married to his manager Grace Miguel when he had sex with the woman seeking $20 million, it’s unclear what his marital status was with the three new people. However, it should be noted that they claim their sexual contact with Usher was in the past five years and he’s been involved with Miguel for a long time.



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